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The following photographs are examples of real people with real results, that have been taken from Dr Xaftellis’s thousands of successful liposuction cases since 1998. All "after" photographs are taken at only 1 month after the procedure and results continue to improve for up to a year. Always remember when viewing liposuction photos that final outcomes depend upon many factors including pre-treatment skin elasticity and condition, amounts of fat removed and obviously the skill of the surgeon. More photographs are available for viewing at the time of consultation.

Potential patients need to remember also that photographs are tools used by doctors to show potential outcomes based on previous work. All patients are however unique and outcomes will vary with each case. After 25years of experience in liposuction we know that many patients have also felt an increase in their confidence, an ease in wearing certain clothes and a definitive change in measurements which can range up to 4 inches. Measurements are also a way doctors the track results from tehir procedures.

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Abdomen Chest
Hips Chin
Abdomen and Hips Ankles
Inner and Outer Thighs Lipo-abdominoplasty
Inner Thighs Fat Transfer



Alternative to tummy tuck where skin is previously damaged from pregnancy, weight loss and ageing.


Lipo chin/neck plus fat transfer


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