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Alternative fat loss methods

Are there any non-surgical options to remove unwanted fat and do they work?

There are many machines currently on the market that are claiming non-surgical fat removal. Modalities include freezing the fat (Coolsculpt), ultrasound fat removal (Ultrashape, Ultrasound Fat Cavitation) and radio frequency fat ablation (Vanquish). All potential consumers should do their research before investing in treatments. They should remember that reviews read on the internet are often biased for both positive and negative views, that prices may seem lower initially but can actually end up being 2 to 3 times a traditional liposuction procedure and that results are greatly dependent upon the patient’s ability to breakdown fat. At this present time the ONLY proven way to remove fat permanently is liposuction. This is common sense since it is physically placed in a jar and can be visualized as such. Below is a comparison table of the reality of surgical vs. non-surgical options.


Non Surgical

Tumescent Liposuction

No. of treatments

At least 3


Total Cost/area

$800- $1500/area/treatment = total of $2400-$4500/area

total of $2500- $3500/area


Varies, good only on smaller areas, risk of no effect and thus wasting of money, dependent upon body breaking down and disposing of the fat

100% effective as fat is physically removed and can be seen in a canister, can treat any area of localized fat regardless of size of area


Controversial as to whether the dissolved fat may cause increased blood lipids/heart disease

Excellent past safety record provided it is carried out by experienced, qualified doctor in a Day Hospital Facility


Painful during treatment, occasionally pain for up to 2 weeks

No pain during treatment, easily managed discomfort/pain for the first week post-op


None, area can have extended redness, swelling and bruising up to 2 weeks

3 days to a week off work with swelling, bruising and redness in this time, return to full gym activities within 2 weeks, walking immediately after


Diet and exercise essential for results, large amounts of water

Diet and exercise recommended but not essential, a comfort and discrete garment to be worn for days to weeks depending on area

Best candidates

Small areas, can’t afford 1 to 2 weeks downtime, patients who have a lot of expendable income

Localized areas of fat of any size that need removing to restore proportionality, who want a fast, once off, permanent result who can afford 1 to 2 weeks away from normal activities.

Patient satisfaction

Low (but subjective)

High if carried out by an experienced doctor

*Failure of non-surgical techniques does not preclude patients moving onto liposuction


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